4 Quick and Simple Tips to Writing Email Subject Lines

Published on by Lewis Crutch

If you’re into list building, a huge part of your success will rely on the copy of your email subject line. With more emails being sent out today than ever before, if your subject line isn’t compelling, prospects won’t open your emails.

Here’s 4 quick and easy to implement tips to increase opens and click-throughs.

Don’t use these 4 Kill Words

Email filters over the years have become super advanced and have started to send emails straight into the junk folder if they contain certain keywords. Mailchimp states you should avoid using words such as:

• Help
• XX% off
• Reminder
• Free

Marketing buzzwords like the above can trigger spam filters and lower your open rates, as well as making your business look tacky.

Adjust the Voice of your Subject Line

The primary goal for most email marketers is to make money from their list. While it’s fine to send subscribers offers and promotions, tone down the marketing talk in your subject line.

Avoid using capital letters, generic promotional phrases and exclamation marks. Try to word your promotional email as a question rather than a promotional statement. For example:

Promotional subject line: New keyword search tool offer get yours now – limited time only!

Question subject line: Are you having trouble finding keywords? Here’s the solution to your problems.

Limit Subject Lines to 50 Characters

Consumers today are busier than ever and often check emails on their mobile phone in a dynamic environment where they may be doing other things. They will briefly check their inbox and scan emails, having a short and snappy subject line will lead to more clicks than subject lines that don’t fit on their screen.

66% of all emails in 2014 were opened on mobile devices:

picture 1

Source: Marketing Land

Don’t overdo your subject lines.

Personalise when Possible 

Adding a subscriber’s name to the subject line will dramatically shoot up your email open rate, it will go even higher if you add in their city. Consumers are continually asking for a more personalised shopping experience, with 48% of consumers saying they are more likely to spend money with retailers who personalised their emails.

If you don’t already, add a name field to your opt-in form or send your list a survey form to gather more data.


The secret to writing killer email subject lines is to be honest and provide value. Put your subscriber ahead of your profits and give them the best possible experience you can. If you achieve this, your opens and conversions will be higher than if you treated them like another number.