4 WordPress Plugins to Help Increase Conversions that Won’t Break the Bank

Published on by Harvey Singh

For most of you reading this, there’s an extremely high probability that your sites are built on WordPress. One of the best things about running WordPress powered websites is the ability to use third-party plugins to help test and optimise your website.

With so many great (and terrible) plugins to download and use, in this article I’ve list the top 4 conversion plugins every marketer should be using.


A/B testing doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, with ConverThis being the ideal plugin for beginners with little practical testing experience . You’re able to test two or more pages at once, tests can be easily setup and you don’t need to hire an external agency or spend thousands of dollars finding a conversion rate specialist.

If you’re looking to run split tests on landing pages or sales pages, ConverThis is an out of the box tool that helps you achieve that. You can find a full review of ConverThis by Kikolani by clicking here.

Best for: A/B testing and increasing page conversions.

Download ConverThis Here

WP Wizard Cloak

Do you sell affiliate products and use long and unattractive URL links to promote them? If you just answered yes, you’re losing money!

I never thought too much about my affiliate links and that they could put prospects off from clicking. But then I heard that WP Wizard Cloak makes your affiliate links more clickable and attractive by cloaking them.

A cloaked link is basically changing what the visitor sees when they hover over a URL with their cusor, while the link still redirects them to the same place.

For example, a typical affiliate link may look like this: www.Agoda.com/Hotels/hotel-Marriot-New-York/CID?19393881-aff1218

WP Wizard Cloak changes the link to: www.ConverThis.com/Marriot-hotel

The cloaked link looks more genuine, cleaner and a lot more inviting to click. But is there any proof that cloaked affiliate links increase conversions? Yes, just last month I cloaked all affiliate links on one of my websites and saw my monthly revenue almost double:

WP Wizard Cloak Review

I didn’t change anything else or experience any more website traffic. It turned out my old affiliate links looked too untrustworthy and prospects wouldn’t click them. If only I found this plugin sooner.

Best for: Increasing clicks for affiliate links.

Download WP Wizard Cloak Here

Heatmap for WordPress

Heatmap for WordPress is ideal if you manage an ecommerce store or monetise your website through Google AdSense. Heatmaps for WordPress measures how prospects interact with different elements of your website.

It reveals which links they click most per page, provides real-time information on the most popular elements of a page, doesn’t affect the performance of your website and even has a free membership plan. If you have a lot of webpages with affiliate links or pages where you want prospects to make a specific action, Heatmap for WordPress can identify possible friction points stopping prospects from making the intended action.

If you have a bit of money to invest, then Crazy Egg is another alternative that provides more richer analytic features.

Best for: Understand how traffic interacts with your website.

Download Heatmap for WordPress Here

Ad Rotate

Ad Rotate provides tremendous flexibility when placing adverts on your site without worrying about coding your theme or doing anything technical. Ad Rotate works with major display networks such as AdSense, DFP, Chitika and can be used to place sponsored ads on your site.

Everything can be managed from a single command centre through WordPress, you have the ability to switch and rotate ads, target mobile users, get accurate click-through stats and even detects ad blocking software and ask visitors not to use them on your site.

Best for: Optimising advert clicks and managing banner ads.

Download Ad Rotate Here


All of the tools listed will work instantly with your WordPress site and none require you to hold any kind of testing knowledge. Testing and improving your website isn’t as difficult as everyone makes it out to be, with the right WordPress plugins you can test and measure just about anything.

If you have a website that’s looking to drum up leads or generate more sales – are you sure it’s the best it can be? If not, ConverThis plugin can help your website fire on all cylinders.

Get Testing Today by Clicking here to Download the ConverThis Plugin!

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