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Who Needs Conversion Rate Optimisation?

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In order to answer that question, we are going to need to establish what counts as conversions, what conversion rate optimisation is and why it is important for business growth. Did you know you can improve conversion rates by up to 80% by simply adding videos to product or service pages? Did you also know […]

How to Use your Competitors to Boost your Conversions

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It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in there will be inevitable competition. Even if you are in a fairly obscure niche, it won’t matter, as long as your niche has some sort of commercial value there’s a huge chance you’ll have a few competitors after the same customers. This is actually good news! That’s right. […]

Slow and Steady with Split Testing

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How to Split Test

Far too many people get split testing completely wrong – changing 10 elements on their page, all at once, and when they see a small drop or a little increase in their conversions they’ve not got a clue about what element actually made that impact. That’s why it’s vital to take a far longer term […]