Why Every Online Business must Actively Test their Website

Published on by Lewis Crutch

There are two types of people, those who love to test, and those who despise nothing more than spending hours configuring landing pages and headlines. If you fall into the latter (most people do), in the next 5 minutes I will explain why testing is important and detrimental to the success of your online business.

Testing Grows your Business

There are several ways you can grow your business, such as:

• Increasing marketing spend

• Creating a social media presence

• Starting a blog

• Creating an affiliate program

• Running paid ads

And testing your website

There are several ways you can grow your business with testing having a direct impact on all of them. For example, if your current sales funnel brings you 1,000 leads per year, spending a few hours testing and sprucing up your landing page can easily yield a 15% or higher uplift in conversion if you’ve never tested it before.

One single test could result in an extra 150 leads per year. This lowers your cost per lead through marketing, allowing you to spend less and get more.

Be Better than your Competition

If prospects are not picking your business to spend their cash, they are using your competitors. Sites such as Which Loads Faster compares two websites head-to-head and lists which elements of a website load faster.

Website load speeds are a big factor for SEO and having a slower website than your competitors can see your site rank lower in searches for keywords you both compete for. The result? They receive more clicks and views than you.

Testing Helps you Understand your Prospects

To win business, you need to understand your prospects and their needs. What do they like, what do they dislike? How do they respond to certain headlines and copy? Testing provides you with valuable data which you can use going forward to help with advertising and other areas of your marketing strategy.

Any test you run will arm you with data which you can use to make better decisions for your business. Whereas before you may have made decisions based on a hunch, after testing you will have compelling data in front of you telling you what your next move should be.

Fix the Weak Points of your Business

Is a certain web page experiencing a 95% bounce rate or is a certain product just not selling? Are your emails too promotional and resulting in your email list deteriorating? A lot of businesses have sound products but often end up struggling because they didn’t identify weaknesses their website had or try to fix them.

This is exactly what happened to GrooveHQ, they had a great product but couldn’t understand why nobody was using their service. After doing some research, it turned out their sales pages wasn’t convincing enough. After running a few tests, they increased conversions by 100% by fixing a major weak point.

Testing various parts of your website to minimise bounced traffic and email analytics to measure response rates, can help you identify problems faster and come up with workable solutions than ignoring them completely.


The truth is this: if you’re not testing in 2015 expect to fail or struggle to run an online business. With so much competition and marketing content on the Web, unless your website is optimized you will have a hard time staying relevant.

Consumer needs are rising, only by testing and gaining data will you be able to meet their needs. Everybody else is testing, why aren’t you?